Process Paper

Why I picked this topic:

            I chose debates because when my teacher said that the theme for the National History Day was about Debate and Diplomacy I had a lot of ideas.  My first idea was the Great Depression but when I asked my teacher he said that that wouldn’t be so good.  Then I looked up some other topics and I saw The Lincoln-Douglas Debates. I chose The Lincoln-Douglas Debates because my most favorite president was Abraham Lincoln and the Lincoln-Douglas Debates set a foundation for how the country would be ran in the future.

How I conducted my research:

            I conducted my research first by looking up Stephen A Douglas.  Then I started to look up how many Lincoln-Douglas Debates there were and I found out that there were seven debates that lasted a total of 21 hours.  Also, I looked up what the Lincoln-Douglas Debates were about and the debates were about who would get the senate seat in Illinois. The main topic of discussion was slavery.  I knew that with all the newly obtained information on the Lincoln Douglas Debates my website would be a blast.  So once I got all my ideas,  I put all my attention on some websites that would give me tons of information on the Lincoln-Douglas Debates.

How I created and developed my website:

            I created my website by going to www.weebly.com.   The first step on WEEBLY was to put on a blank white canvas so I could plot my ideas. I then got all my information and started to put it on the website.  Once I got my ideas and information, I started the webpage.  Once that was done my mom went on Paperless Archives and found a Lincoln-Douglas Debates CD that helped with my research.  Also, I put on videos from www.youtube.com.  Once I did everything I started to make my website look more interesting so I could catch people’s attention when they first log on and they can tell their friends.  Once I was done decorating I listed credits for all the people that helped me, my annotated bibliography, my Lincoln-Douglas Debates summary and I saved and published it

How my project relates to the theme:

            My project relates to theme “Debate and Diplomacy” in a significant way.  The Lincoln-Douglas Debates gave Lincoln political support even though he lost.   Also, the Debates gave Lincoln a good chance of being our 16th president and once he ran for president it was known that most of the people in the USA would chose Lincoln for his good personality and also for his strong well being in the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858. In my opinion, Abe is the best president of them all.  Lincoln once said, “I have made some marks which will tell for the cause of civil liberty long after I am gone.”  If only he knew what impact he made on our country.